Mario Costanz

Head of Marketing & Tech


As a co-founder of Golden Age Studio, Mario Costanz combines his distinguished entrepreneurial acumen, leadership, and visionary approach with a lifelong passion for comic books. His role is instrumental in infusing the business with strategic direction, marketing positioning, technology foresight, and a passion for storytelling. Notably renowned in the tax industry, Mario’s successful establishment of multiple businesses like Happy Tax and Crypto Tax Prep underscores his keen ability to identify market opportunities and leverage them into thriving enterprises.

Mario’s relationship with comic books traces back to his childhood, ignited when his father, who owned a candy store, brought comics home for him to read. This early fascination matured into a deep appreciation for the joy embedded in these tales. At Golden Age, he applies his business savvy and childhood love, focusing on revitalizing public domain superheroes and shaping a thrilling new cinematic universe. Mario is committed to delivering engaging and imaginative content to comic fans worldwide.