Brian Podnos



As the guiding force behind Golden Age, Brian brings together a unique mix of business savvy, creative spark, and lifelong superhero fascination. As co-founder and CEO of DDreps Inc., an NYC-based creative agency featured on the Inc. 5000 list, Brian has established himself as a pivotal player in his industry over the past decade. His early years as an actor in theater, commercials, TV shows, and films have given him invaluable insights into the entertainment industry, insights he is now using to blaze the trail into the Golden Age Universe.

Brian’s connection to Golden Age, goes beyond professional credentials; it’s rooted in a personal journey beginning in childhood. An avid fan from the moment he saw his first superhero film, Brian’s childhood was filled with dreams and play revolving around caped crusaders. Today, he channels that enthusiasm into creating our innovative platform for fans across the globe, reimagining and reviving timeless classics from the Golden Age of comics.