Welcome to the Golden Age roadmap. Here, we will provide you with a detailed overview of our plans for the future of this exciting new universe.

Our goal is to bring classic comic book characters from the public domain era back to life in a reimagined way. Through the use of NFTs, we are creating a truly decentralized ownership proposition on material that already has brand power. We believe that this is the future of the superhero genre, and we are excited to share our roadmap with you.


May 7

PHASE 1: R&D ✓

  • Select first 100 superheroes for launch
  • Create 10,000 unique NFTs with varying rarity
May 7

PHASE 2: Marketing & Website ✓

  • Build website, Discord server, and hire an advertising agency
  • Establish a network of brand ambassadors, influencers, and celebrities
May 7

PHASE 3: Pre-Launch

  • Attract advisory board members, including entertainment attorneys and industry creatives
May 7

PHASE 5: Post-Launch (Next 3 Years)

  • Map out universe stories, characters, and arcs
  • Hire talent to create Golden Age Universe in comic form, with NFTs offered to existing holders
  • Plan for film/TV projects with the first project set to launch 3 years from the NFT launch date
September 1

PHASE 4: NFT Collection Launch (May 2023)

  • Raise $5M in initial round of sales
  • Funds used for universe development and company ownership
April 1

Additional Milestones

  • December 2023: First Comic Release
  • April 2024: First Video Short Release
  • June 2024: Golden Age Comic Con
  • 2025: Full Movie Production
  • 2026: TV Series Production
  • 2027: Universe Expansion

The roadmap is subject to change based on various factors, but the core goal of creating a decentralized franchise that puts fans at the center remains unchanged. Golden Age is committed to creating an inclusive, democratic, and exciting model for funding and distributing creative projects.