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Get ready for an action-packed adventure at Golden Age, the ultimate superhero realm resurrecting classic comic book legends from the forgotten annals of the public domain era!

At Golden Age, we know that the most spellbinding and unforgettable sagas arise from time-honored champions with a tale to tell. We’re injecting new energy into these larger-than-life personas, reimagining their stories while honoring their legendary legacies.

Embark on this epic quest with us at Golden Age Studio, where heroes and villains clash in a bold and imaginative reawakening of these immortal icons. Seize the opportunity to claim a piece of this sensational superhero universe, and become a part of the legend!

Featured Superheroes

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By acquiring a Golden Age Hero, you’ll unlock an array of amazing benefits and experiences:

  • Ownership of character IP: Become a proud owner of your Hero’s intellectual property rights.
  • Profit sharing: Share in the earnings generated by your Hero’s adventures.
  • Metaverse compatibility: Integrate your Golden Age Hero into popular metaverse platforms, allowing for unique interactions and experiences.
  • Exclusive content drops: Receive special drops of produced materials, such as art, comics, stories, and other creative works featuring your Hero.
  • Exclusive events: Gain access to special events, both virtual and in-person, reserved only for Golden Age Hero owners.
  • Priority drops: Be among the first to claim new, limited-edition releases.
  • Behind-the-scenes content: Enjoy insider access to the creative process and development of the Golden Age universe.
  • Shape the story: Influence the narrative by participating in defining your Hero’s story and future.
  • Digital merchandise: Access exclusive digital merchandise, like wallpapers, avatars, and digital posters featuring your Hero.
  • Physical merchandise discounts: Enjoy special discounts on physical merchandise, including collectibles, apparel, and accessories related to your Hero.
  • Community forums: Engage in dedicated community forums to connect with fellow Hero owners, discuss theories, and share fan art.
  • Collaborative content: Contribute to and enjoy fan-created content, such as fan fiction, art, and videos based on the Golden Age universe.
  • Exclusive previews: Get early access to previews of upcoming comics, movies, and other media releases in the Golden Age universe.
  • Meet the creators: Attend virtual or in-person meet-and-greet events with the creative team behind the Golden Age universe.